Right Wing Bonus Tracks: I Wanted Whimsy

  • Shane Vaughn gripes that “the notion of the nuclear family with the man as the head of the household is no more”: “The godless idea of ‘Happy wife Happy Life’ has emasculated men into household boy toys —- rather than the rulers of the realm.”
  • Pseudonymous right-wing commentator Peachy Keenan believes that the end goal of feminism is genocide: “Keep people as childless as possible, as self-sterilized as possible. It almost feels like, maybe this is strong language, but a form of genocide almost.”
  • Roger Stone claims that “prophet” Robin Bullock has become “a powerful influence in my life.”
  • Far-right activist Lyle Rapacki asserts that the Declaration of Independence is “one of the most profound sermons” ever produced: “It was taken out of the book of Deuteronomy and Leviticus.” No, it wasn’t.
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes predictably did not like the new “Barbie” movie: “I wanted dance numbers. I wanted the beach. I wanted pink. I wanted shopping … Instead, I got this ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ Jewish deconstruction.”