Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hobby Lobby’s Smuggled Artifacts

  • Hobby Lobby has agreed to forfeit thousands of ancient artifacts that were allegedly smuggled out of Iraq as the chain’s owners are preparing to launch their Museum of the Bible in D.C.
  • David Barton explains how no-fault divorce is like secession.
  • The Center for Military Readiness insists: “The Trump administration has a mandate to restore the strength of our military and to put an end to political correctness in the Pentagon.”
  • Brian Brown links the Charlie Gard case to marriage equality and transgender rights: “The Charlie Gard case is unbelievably tragic, but it’s reflective of what happens when the natural family is pushed aside and government social engineers are given control. When that happens, children are trapped in unsafe, failing schools with no parental choices; kids as young as pre-school are indoctrinated into a radical LGBT agenda with no parental opt out; young girls can obtain an abortion with no notification to a parent; the understanding of marriage as a life-long, exclusive, conjugal union of man and woman is abandoned and children are told they do not need the love of a mother and father; kids are fed lies that they can change their gender according to their desires, and that it’s perfectly normal to have three or more moms and no dad; and the elderly ill are subtly encouraged to kill themselves rather than be a ‘burden’ on society.”