Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hang Out In The Hood

  • Larry Tomczak says that “what’s being done to Donald Trump” is “pure evil”: “Using government agencies and White House power to silence political opposition is not only unconstitutional but extremely dangerous and will accelerate the judgment of God upon the United States.”
  • Jarrin Jackson wishes that “the ADL would be destroyed for all the destruction it has done.”
  • Dave Hayes claims that “all the rappers” love Trump’s mug shot and recommends that Trump “go hang out in the hood, hang out in the ghettos and bond with those people”: “If he does that, I think he would have a massive groundswell of support from minority communities.”
  • Eric Trump asserts that the White House was waging a “war on religion” before his father came into office: “They were literally trying to take away the non-profit status of churches… You had the IRS targeting pastors.” Those things never happened.
  • Finally, self-proclaimed “prophet” Charlie Shamp reports that he had a prophetic vision of a fire-breathing dragon unleashing a “demonic attack” on Hawaii one year before the recent wildfires. The reason for the attack? The legality of abortion, of course.