Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Get Ready For Satanic Gay Human/Animal Transhumanism

  • President Trump is warning that any attack from North Korea “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root says that liberals are “the biggest racists in the world.”
  • Liberty Counsel claims that, as a result of GuideStar noting that L.C. is a SPLC-designated anti-gay hate group, it was exposed “to potential violence and even death threats, causing additional expense increasing security to protect its staff from an attack similar to the one against the Family Research Council in 2012 and that one that seriously injured Representative Steve Scalise.”
  • Peter LaBarbera praises an anti-LGBTQ historian who “correctly describes homosexuality as a ‘great moral evil,’ something with which even many of today’s Bible-professing Christians — neutered by political correctness and decades of ‘gay’ propaganda — would have a hard time agreeing, to their shame.”
  • Finally, Scott Lively warns that “the ‘gay’ agenda is simply a sub-plot of the larger Satanic agenda and now that LGBT goals appear nearly fully realized, the hidden hands behind them (both human and demonic) are coming into view. The puppet-masters who have made ‘gay’ supremacy possible have been working backward from the branch to the root to bring chaos out of order — the ultimate satanic goal: first confusion of sexuality as conduct, then confusion of marriage and family, then confusion of gender, and next confusion of what the Bible calls ‘kinds.’ It is not just the deconstruction of civilization but the dissolution of all boundaries between human and animal and machine, to produce creatures that are a blend of all three.”