Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Flee The Ash Of God’s Mighty Wrath

  • President Trump finally got around to denouncing “the KKK, neo-Nazis, [and] white supremacists” after noticeably failing to do so following the violence surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • Showing his true commitment to standing against bigotry, Trump says that he is “seriously considering” pardoning former sheriff Joe Arpaio.
  • Pat Robertson was injured in a horse riding accident over the weekend.
  • James Dobson has endorsed Roy Moore in his bid for the Senate.
  • David and Jason Benham say that “the LGBTQ+ revolution has flipped the entire male/female created order upside-down, and it has produced insecurity and an unraveling in civil society like never before—not to mention the destruction of countless lives trapped in the bondage that comes with sexual sin.”
  • Finally, Mark Creech wonders if the upcoming solar eclipse is a sign from God: “Many dangers seem to be on the horizon for our country. Figuratively speaking, only the most stubborn and unreasonable could feel the rumblings and witness the steam venting of current events and not abandon their sin. Perhaps the darkened sun bespeaks the need to flee from being buried beneath the concussion, mud, and ash of God’s mighty wrath.”