Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Fake MAGA

  • Teddy Daniels says that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is “fake MAGA” and accuses her and Milo Yiannopoulos of working “to keep America First candidates out of Congress.”
  • Mychal Massie thinks that President Joe Biden “is a sack of rotted flesh and fecal matter with a mind that has never been suited for more than encopresis sans micturition that relieves the pressure of the crap for brains between his ears.”
  • Patrick Howley is not a big fan of this nation: “America is a human trafficking colony for pedophilic financial elites and a Goy army for war tyrants.”
  • Scott Lively cites Romans 1 to declare that AIDS is a punishment from God: “This is directly prophetic of the AIDS plague in these last days.”
  • Finally, Johnny Enlow asserts that the QAnon conspiracy theory—specifically, its claim that world leaders are satanic pedophiles who “steal blood” and “do sacrifices”—has been proven true beyond all doubt and that Christians who refuse to accept it are violating scripture.