Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Evidence of Things Not Seen

  • While Milo Yiannopoulos may now be “ex-gay,” that doesn’t mean he’ll be dating women any time soon: “Now I’ve had the chance to observe a range of women more thoroughly and systematically, I am certain I’d end up a sadistic serial-killing rapist if I had to live with one every day.”
  • On a similar note, Steven Franssen assures his followers that it is perfectly OK for them to never date, talk to, look at, shake hands with, work for, learn from, or even speak to a woman.
  • Stew Peters says that doctors who provide treatment to transgender children should be executed: “There were fake doctors who did fake medicine during the Holocaust too. And when we found those people … we hanged them, appropriately.”
  • John Zmirak helpfully explains what right-wing Christians really mean when they say that they love their enemies and are praying for them: “I pray for my enemies’ deathbed conversions as soon as possible.”
  • Finally, Lauren Witzke proudly declares her belief that the Earth is flat: “I haven’t seen [a round Earth]. I don’t trust anything I don’t see anymore. If I haven’t seen it myself, I don’t believe it.”