Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dominion Over Everything

  • Doug Mastriano tells Politico that he is “praying” over whether he should run for U.S. Senate in 2024.
  • Scott Lively declares that Pride parades “are literally celebrations of martial power in the tradition of conquering armies flaunting plunder taken from defeated foes.”
  • Teddy Daniels asserts that “toxic masculinity” is nothing more than a term “created by feminists to describe the type of men that they want but keep getting rejected by.”
  • Josie Glabach (aka “The Redheaded Libertarian”) says that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they are “emotional trainwrecks”: “If only women voted [in 2016] there would have been 458 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton. That is insane. This shows that we cannot be trusted.”
  • Outraged about an Arizona school district’s decision not to renew its contract to accept student teachers from an anti-LGBTQ Christian college, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and right-wing pastor Steve Riggle call on Christians to take over local school boards: “God has dominion over everything.”
  • Finally, Christian nationalist Jason Rapert reports that he is currently “meeting with legislators” in Florida and is “prayerful” that they will pass legislation outlawing abortion from the moment of conception: “When you do that, you will be doing exactly what the Bible instructs us to do.”