Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Do Not Fear Theocracy

  • Sam Brownback, John Hagee, Andrew Wommack, E.W. Jackson, Janet Porter, Tim Barton, and others will be gathering for the National Association of Christian Lawmakers’ National Policy Conference in Dallas, Texas, later this week.
  • Lance Wallnau insists that Christian dominionists don’t exist: “Christian ‘domionist’s’ are like Bigfoot. He doesn’t exist but that doesn’t stop preachers from looking for him. Best as I understand, a dominionist is a believer that thinks Christians should strive to dominate culture and enforce Christian values like the Popes of the Middle Ages. Of course, the idea of an American Christian Taliban is as absurd as it is comical. Having said that, the problem is not the end (culture aligned with Biblical values) but the means. Dominion isn’t bad if the dominator is competent, just and benevolent. After all, JESUS IS A DOMINIONIST! He fully plans on ruling the planet when He returns. The problem is that the church in this era is NOT called to take over the worlds governments. Yet we are called to impact governments.”
  • Hank Kunneman says that 2021 is “the 245th year of America’s reign,” which he says “represents two more terms for 45,” or at least “two terms for 45.” (Donald Trump was the 45th president of the United States.)
  • Johnny Enlow claimed that God had decreed that “something” would happen on Independence Day to signal Trump’s return to office. What that “something” would be, he couldn’t say: “It may be spectacular, it may not be.”
  • Bryan Fischer’s daily “Focal Point” program has been canceled by the American Family Association, apparently so it could be replaced by a show hosted by Walker Wildmon, the son of AFA President Tim Wildmon.
  • Rick Wiles was so impressed with the job Lauren Witzke did guest hosting his “TruNews” program while he and his crew were out with COVID-19 last month that he has now hired her to be a full time co-host.
  • Finally, Eric Metaxas told the audience at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference not to fear theocracy because if “maniacal Christians took control of this country, they would make it safe for everybody else to be a part of this country.”