Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Disgusting Even To The Demons Of Hell

  • Lee Duigon says that the people of Illinois should celebrate “Barack Obama Day” by “changing your gender, using new pronouns that some college professors just made up, signing up for food stamps, and declaring your home town a sanctuary city! Get into the swing of things by pursuing your own personal bankruptcy. And commit a crime or two.”
  • The right-wing effort to pass an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” in Texas looks like it is going to fail.
  • Richard Land says that transgenderism is “self-idolatry” and represents the “ultimate rebellion” against God.
  • A lawsuit alleges that an anti-feminism book from Andrea Tantaros was ghost-written by a man.
  • Finally, Andrew Bieszad of Shoebat.com declares that homosexuality “is an objective moral wrong, a blasphemy against God’s creation, and as the Bible states is a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance because it is worthy of death as it is so wicked it even disgusts the demons of hell.”