Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Destroy Pfizer Now

  • Outraged about Sam Smith’s performance at the Grammys, Ali Alexander declares that blasphemy and Satan worship “should warrant prison time.”
  • Pete Santilli was so enraged by Pfizer’s sponsorship of the Grammys that he encouraged listeners to literally attack Pfizer’s production facilities: “Destroy Pfizer now! Do it now. Go over the wall. Get into their frickin’ buildings. Unplug all their frickin’ equipment.”
  • Vincent James gripes that “from ‘To kill a mockingbird’ and the Scottsboro Boys, to the Diary of Anne Frank, all curriculum & reading lists are designed to make whites feel guilty, and shut them up while their countries get taken over.”
  • Right-wing conspiracy theorists Greg Locke and Lin Wood are fighting.
  • Rick Joyner asserts that increases in fires, floods, and natural disasters are not the results of climate change but are actually “the judgments of God.”
  • Finally, Tim Gionet (aka Baked Alaska) reported to federal prison today to begin serving a 60-day sentence for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, claiming that he’s “being politically persecuted because of my politics.”