Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Crashingly Disappointing

  • George Pearsons kicked off the Victory Channel’s 2022 election night coverage by boldly declaring that “this election will not be stolen” and victory was assured because he claimed that God told him yesterday afternoon, “I got this.”
  • When election results showed that the expected “red wave” wasn’t materializing, the Victory Channel brought Mike Lindell on to explain what was happening. Lindell’s explanation was predictable: “They’re stealing everything.”
  • Michele Bachmann says the 2022 election results are “crashingly disappointing” because right-wing Christians spent the last two year praying, repenting, preaching, and mobilizing: “This really should have been a wave election, and now it doesn’t even look like we’re dog paddling.”
  • Mario Murillo claims that God did not give right-wing Christians the red wave they wanted because “we needed to have our eyes opened. We needed to see how big the monster is so we truly reform America.”
  • Andrew Torba believes that the proper response to the election results is for right-wing Christian nationalists to “move to deep red states, push them further right, build, and secure a future for our families.”
  • Finally, far-right streamer and Jan. 6 insurrectionist Tim Gionet (aka Baked Alaska) reacted petulantly to the failed red wave: “Fuck all this shit. I don’t care. Just give me my fucking Twitter back. I’m moving to Russia. Fuck elections.”