Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Come At Me

  • Shane Vaughn declares that “Climate change is a FALSE RELIGION of demons that exalts mans ability above THE PROMISES OF YAHWEH that His earth will NEVER be destroyed.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer says that right-wing Christians must take over their local school boards: “We need to get the right people to run for school board. That’s the key. The key is taking over school boards.”
  • David Barton has been instrumental in creating today’s Christian nationalism ideology, but the “history” he teaches is often entirely false. For instance, all the claims he recently made about the 1844 Supreme Court case Vidal v. Girard’s Executors are untrue.
  • Ali Alexander now has a channel on white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ streaming platform, Cozy TV.
  • Finally, far-right English commentator Katie Hopkins spoke at the latest ReAwaken America event, where she bragged about being in the United States illegally because she’s unvaccinated and came in across the Southern border, and then challenged the Biden administration to arrest her: “Come at me. Lock me up. Do it!”