Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Collateral Damage On The Globalists’ Altar

  • Steve Bannon will speak at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit next week.
  • Speaking of the FRC, it is planning to “aid the Trump administration’s efforts in vigorously promoting and protecting religious liberty” by launching a “web hotline for those who believe that they have suffered discrimination at the hands of federal agencies based on their religious beliefs or practice.”
  • Evangelical leaders including Russell Moore, Richard Land, Ronnie Floyd and Samuel Rodriguez have put out a statement in support of the DREAM Act.
  • Erik Rush says: “The response of those on the left to the Las Vegas shootings illustrate once more that they should be regarded as our mortal enemies, as opposed to fellow citizens with a somewhat divergent political viewpoint.”
  • Oath Keepers board member John Kerriman also has thoughts on the Las Vegas massacre: “Fact: that group of God and Country lovin’ conservatives were fish in a barrel, twenty thousand plus strong in number, shoulder to shoulder in an open-air venue. Conjecture: they were collateral damage on the Globalist’s altar. Purpose: cause enough outrage at our vulnerability to cause/force a knee-jerk reaction – we’ve gotta do something!”
  • Finally, Diana West is not being subtle.