Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Christian Nationalists ARE the Republican Party

  • Gab founder Andrew Torba has a warning for the GOP: “[You] are not to disavow us, [you] are not to condemn us because we are 80 percent of the Republican Party. Christian nationalists are the Republican Party, and they’re going to start doing the will of God.”
  • Scott Lively has written an open letter to Torba, chastising him for his rampant antisemitism: “I do hope you will reconsider your gratuitous exclusionary rhetoric regarding our spiritual cousins in the House of Judah.”
  • Mario Murillo declares that former President Barack Obama, George Soros, and Bill Gates “despise Christianity and Israel. They are working to rid the world of the laws of God.”
  • Republicans in the Washington state legislature expelled Rep. Matt Shea in 2019 for engaging in domestic terrorism, but that didn’t stop Clay Clark from giving Shea a speaking slot at the most recent ReAwaken America event.
  • Finally, Teddy Daniels, a MAGA candidate who unsuccessfully ran for lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania, says that “we need to do something to change” the election system because rural areas are constantly being outvoted by the cities just because more people live there.