Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Carrying Around a Demon

  • Michael Farris—former president of the Alliance Defending Freedom, where House Speaker Mike Johnson previously worked—says that Johnson is “the highest ranking, serious, biblically-trained … government official we’ve ever had in my lifetime.”
  • Dave Daubenmire declares that churches that celebrate Halloween “are no different than abortionists calling baby murder ‘health care.'”
  • Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers is obviously quite comfortable hanging out with white nationalist Lauren Witzke.
  • Ali Alexander says that “when someone is so comfortable with blasphemy like ‘Holy blank’, I assume they’re carrying around a demon.”
  • Finally, Rick Joyner doesn’t believe the sexual abuse allegations leveled against Mike Bickle, predicting that they will be revealed “to be a nothingburger” once all the facts are known.
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