Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Brokered the Sale

  • Mark Taylor claims that when President Donald Trump held up a Bible during a photo-op outside of St. John’s Episcopal Church last month, he was actually delivering a prophetic message.
  • Newt Gingrich says that Joe Biden’s Independence Day video message was “the most anti-American speech ever given by an American presidential candidate.”
  • Rick Wiles is alleging that Ghislaine Maxwell “brokered the sale” between Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump for the purchase of Melania.
  • Ann Vandersteel says that “we’re at the back of the Bible, and President Trump stands with God. Knowing how the story ends and that God wins, don’t you want to stand with President Trump?”
  • It took him a few days, but Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) has finally taken the QAnon pledge.
  • Pat Robertson predicts that the current “crime wave” will “turn the hearts of people” who dislike Trump and cause them to vote for him as the law and order candidate.
  • Peter LaBarbera laments that when it comes to “sexual deviance, there’s no end to it. Once you go beyond the nuclear family and real marriage and get beyond God’s natural boundaries, anything’s possible – and we’re going to sink to unbelievable depths in this country.”
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley declares that there are only two reasons to vote for a Democrat: “You fucking hate America … or you are fucking stupid beyond all reason.”