Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Bought Off by the President

  • E.W. Jackson says that left-wing protesters are in a cult and “mentally ill” and the only solution is “to put them away so they can’t be a danger to themselves and others.”
  • Stephen Strang warns that Christians “must turn out at the polls like never before, or life as we know it will end and persecution of Christians and those who oppose the Leftist agenda will likely begin.”
  • Eugene Delgaudio’s Public Advocate organization is petitioning President Donald Trump to select Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court.
  • Greg Locke complains that people are staring at him just because he was carrying his Bible around Washington, D.C., which totally sounds like something that really happened.
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley loves being “bought off by the president of the United States”: “I like having my vote being bought by the president by doing great things for me and my family and my friends.”