Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Antifa Wants To Kill Christians

  • Pastor David Whitney says that the recent massacre in Las Vegas was an Antifa attack on conservatives: “Antifa now says they are prepared to begin killing people in mass in a race war. What October 1st in Las Vegas tells us is that the attempted revolution has actually begun … The hatred the world has for Christ followers should not surprise us. Antifa hates Christians, Antifa wants to kill Christians.”
  • A post shared on Dave Daubenmire’s Facebook page says that fires in California are God’s judgment on the state: “For decades CaliFORNICATION has sowed violence, sexual immorality, Jesus Hate, pedophilia, drugs, Satanisn (sic), homosexuality and God will NOT be mocked.”
  • Erick Erickson calls on conservative Christians to denounce President Trump’s threat to the First Amendment.
  • Phil Robertson vows to “reject political correctness” on his new show on CRTV.
  • Finally, Jonathan Cahn’s claims that the Bible parallels current events continue to grow more absurd.