Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Amending the First Amendment

  • E.W. Jackson wants to see a line added to the First Amendment stating that “the mere acknowledgement or accommodation of the Christian culture of America shall not be deemed an establishment of religion.”
  • Dave Daubenmire was recently booted off a United Airlines flight for refusing to wear a mask, and he’s handling it well: “Muslims do not have to remove their face coverings; why should Christians have to put them on?”
  • Brian Burch of Catholic Vote warns that “a Biden presidency represents an existential threat” to Catholics and the church.
  • Rick Wiles is upset that President Donald Trump is pushing for a COVID-19 vaccine because he says they were told back in 2016 that Trump is an anti-vaxxer due to concerns that “his son Barron has autism because of a vaccine.”
  • Finally, Sheila Zilinsky declares that Bill Gates is “a vaccine-pushing eugenicist who wants mass depopulation. … The man should be locked up. In fact, I’m all for the death penalty for this murderous sociopath.”