Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Adolescent And Amateurish

  • Linda Harvey wants Disney to produce a show that tells “the truth about the frequent origin of same-sex attractions in youth”: “A heartbreaking but realistic angle could explore what happens when a boy is molested by an adult male or an older teen boy, and then finds himself with same-sex desires—feelings absent prior to the abuse.”
  • Operation Save America says that “if a state like Colorado can defy the Feds for the dubious practice of smoking dope, how much more should decent states in America ignore the federal judiciary when it comes to the two most crucial issues concerning our survival as a people, the defense of innocent life and the preservation of the God-ordained family.”
  • Lance Wallnau seems to have a message for us.
  • Another exciting episode of Rick Wiles’ television show explores the key question of “what does Vladimir Putin know about flesh-eating robots and the end of the world?”
  • Jennifer LeClaire foresees the day “when prophets sit behind the news desks as CNN, Fox and MSNBC to share what the Lord is saying.”
  • Finally, MassResistance says that Right Wing Watch is “known for its adolescent and amateurish style of writing where ‘facts’ are twisted or simply invented.”