Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Warrior’s Lust

  • Christian nationalist Jason Rapert, a former Arkansas state senator and the founder of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, brags about meeting Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts last evening: “I just met Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme Court after a dinner meeting this evening. I shook his hand and briefly discussed the National Association of Christian Lawmakers. Told him we have been praying for them and we will continue to do so. … I sincerely pray God will speak into his life and through his decisions every day that he serves.”
  • Steve Franssen asserts that “‘patriarchy’ is a made-up word, invented by feminists so that unhappy women could have something to be mad at.”
  • Outraged that DirecTV has dropped Newsmax from its lineup, Troy Miller, president of the National Religious Broadcasters, declares that “it’s time for Christians to step up and take back this media landscape.”
  • Texas state Sen. Bob Hall has introduced legislation that will deny licenses and insurance to any doctor that provides gender-affirming care to individuals under the age of 18 because, he says, providing such care is satanic.
  • Finally, Ali Alexander wants to make something clear: “I’m the Karen, the Kraken, the monster under the bed, Gabriel protecting Eden with a flaming sword, Michael kicking Satan in the face. Father, forgive me for my warrior’s lust. Ali Alexander is dat nigga.”