Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Strategic Loss

  • A new poll from Politico finds that “fully 61 percent of Republicans supported declaring the United States a Christian nation.”
  • Nick Fuentes hopes that “the Democrats maintain their House majority and gain control of the Senate. Objectively it would be worse for me personally, because they would renew the House Select Committee and other things; but the GOP has done nothing to earn the support of the people since backstabbing Trump in 2020.”
  • Ali Alexander announces that he likely will not be voting in the midterm elections, saying that his “vote hasn’t been earned” and that “a strategic loss” might be a better result than a weak GOP win.
  • David Lane declares that “the calamitous outcome of the secular religious creed of man as his own god and moral arbiter, by now is clearly visible in present-day America’s steep moral decline and its wholesale diversity of perversity. Nihilism and hedonism set the discordant tone in today’s nation.”
  • Julie Green, a self-proclaimed “prophet” with close ties to Doug Mastriano’s gubernatorial campaign, claims that Washington is controlled by “Luciferians” and that God wants the capital city moved and D.C. “destroyed.”
  • Duane Chapman (aka Dog the Bounty Hunter) says that First Lady Jill Biden is “a witch doctor” and vows to beat up any “Māhūs who are dancing with children.” (Māhū is a third gender in native Hawaiian culture; Chapman was using it as a derogatory term for LGBTQ people.)