Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Shadow of a Doubt

  • Eric Metaxas and Jenna Ellis attempt to explain away former President Donald Trump’s call to terminate the Constitution in order to put him back in office, with Ellis insisting “without a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump loves and respects the Constitution more than almost anyone that I know.”
  • Kanye West has now joined Telegram, the social media platform that is a haven for far-right activists who’ve been banned from more mainstream platforms.
  • Stew Peters wants to clarify something: “I don’t hate the faggots, I hate their faggotry.”
  • Jon Miller asserts that “the vast majority of ‘rape’ cases are because the woman wanted it at the time but then decides she regrets it the next morning and decides to comes up with some ludicrous technicality as to why she didn’t ‘fully consent’ and then destroys the guys life.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander claims that he didn’t enter the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 because the government had “pre-cleared kill squads” in place ready to shoot him, Alex Jones, and Roger Stone: “They were literally going to kill us.”