Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Presidential Lynching

  • Josh Bernstein declares that the impeachment of President Donald Trump is “a presidential lynching” and “should be expunged from the historical record forever.”
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle says that Trump’s impeachment is “an abuse of the constitution, a total misuse and an overreach by Congress to try to do this to the president.”
  • Tom Fitton claims that the impeachment trial in the Senate “is about torturing the president and it’s not a legitimate constitutional process.”
  • Jim Bakker once again managed to air a lengthy montage of his career in ministry that completely ignored his decades-long marriage to and television partnership with Tammy Faye.
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer explains what is behind the hatred of Trump: “Who hates the unborn, Christians, and Israel most of all? The Prince of Darkness. Ultimately hatred for our president comes from the same source.”