Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A King and a Pope

  • David Lane warns that if Christians “stay home on election day, then those in active rebellion against God will get the chance to elect their representatives, who will create and pass legislation representing their values, and so pass into law their system of beliefs.”
  • Kristina Karamo, the Republican secretary of state candidate in Michigan, says that her election “is really a battle of good vs evil” but “it’s very difficult for many Americans to understand that because we live in a secular society” and so “it just sounds like crazy talk.”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos wants a nation in which “a King and a Pope … together declare what is true and what is real.”
  • Nick Fuentes issues a warning to any woman who calls him a “guy”: “I’m a man I will grab you by the hair if you disrespect me. Don’t call me a guy.”
  • David Brody gave Sherri Tenpenny an opportunity to prove that she’s not a right-wing anti-vax conspiracy theorist and she did so by claiming that COVID-19 vaccines were designed to “connect us up to the internet of things.”
  • Finally, Dalton Clodfelter dressed up in Blackface for Halloween, and then defended doing so on the grounds that he can “do whatever the fuck I want because at least I care and have a moral standard I hold myself to.”