Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Healthy Dominionist

  • Andrew Torbra declares that what Christians want to hear “more than anything” from the pulpits “is that the people who are castrating, sexualizing, abusing, and indoctrinating our children while gutting our nations are going to face judgement for what they have done.”
  • Eric Metaxas is promoting 2nd Vote, an effort “to stop companies and organizations from funding the attack on traditional American values” by helping right-wing consumers avoid patronizing businesses that “fund a number of causes, many of which are harming our families, our communities and our future.” If we didn’t know better, we’d say that sounds a lot like organizing boycotts and “cancel culture.”
  • Lance Wallnau says that Christian nationalists must gain influence in all aspects of society and “maybe the moment we do that, we could be like Hungary.” He then heaped praise on Hungary’s authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for being “a healthy dominionist.”
  • Kent Christmas reports that God will start miraculously regrowing arms and eyes and curing autism starting this fall.
  • Tyler Russell thinks that Rep. Eric Swalwell “should stop being a f*ggot.”
  • Finally, North Carolina’s Christian nationalist lieutenant governor Mark Robinson tells Christians to stop reading the news: “When Jesus Christ comes back and is swinging that double-edged sword and riding that white horse, ABC can write all the stories they want to, but their entity is going down in flames.”