Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 9/25/14

  • The National Organization for Marriage, Family Research Council Action, and CitizenLink have announced that they are launching a joint campaign to urge voters not

    to support Republican House candidates Carl DeMaio in California and Richard Tisei in Massachusetts, or US Senate candidate

    Monica Wehby in Oregon because of their support for marriage equality.

  • FRC prays that the

    upcoming Values Voter Summit “will be life and nation-changing!”

  • Is anyone surprised

    that the Duggars do not celebrate Halloween? “Magic, sorcery, witches, spell-casting and the like are all part

    of the demonic realm that God wants us to stay away from. One specific thing that our parents have always been careful about

    is magic, which often shows up in children’s movies. As harmless as it may seem, it’s not a joke in God’s


  • Peter LaBarbera blames support for marriage equality on a brainwashing campaign

    being carried out by the media.

  • Finally, Bryan Fischer praises Sen. Ted Cruz for “sounding like a guest host on ‘Focal