Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 9/23/14

  • David Lane declares that

    “until America restores the authority of the Bible in public education and the town square, our freedom hangs in the


  • Glenn Beck reveals that he was one approached about

    being a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.” Sadly, he said “no.”

  • Brian

    Camenker says that “Elizabeth Warren is just sort of an empty skirt.”

  • Richard Viguerie blasts that “the national leadership of

    the Republican Party for failing to nationalize the 2014 midterm election and missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to

    brand the Democratic Party as the party of government and blame Obama and the Democrats for its failures.”

  • Cal Thomas has donated his personal

    papers to Liberty University.

  • Finally, Scott Lively reveals that his” Campaign Manager is the

    Holy Spirit, and He has His own plan and purposes for my run for Governor of Massachusetts.”