Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 8/8/16

  • Carl Gallups says that Christians who refuse to support Donald Trump must ask themselves one question: “Will my conscience allow me to act in a manner so that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency and thus destroy this nation and the future of my children and grandchildren? That’s the real question for all of these people talking about their ‘conscience.’ Everyone else is going to have to live with the consequences of all of those who simply opt out of this election by not doing what they can to stop Hillary Clinton.”
  • Jim Garlow desperately tries to explain why he is supporting Trump: “Trump is slowly being surrounded by increasingly good persons. (NOTE: Right while I was typing this, I received a call from a man on the East Coast whom I have only met twice, but who has Trump’s ear, who told me the good things happening ‘behind the scenes,’ in spite of some of the unprincipled things he has said.) Can these good people impact Trump? We’ll see. But that is better than the horrific, anti-scriptural persons surrounding Hillary.”
  • Republicans who still can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump now have a third-party option: Evan McMullin.
  • Ben Kinchlow has a theory on why Hillary Clinton may win the election: “America has an extremely high percentage of voting-age college students, millennials, transsexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and feminists. In addition, many normal Americans want to demonstrate that they are not racists, homophobes or anti-feminist.”
  • Gina Loudon says that “instead of running for president, Hillary could be seeking a medical battery of testing that could get to the heart of what may be a worsening mental disorder, as well as intense therapy and perhaps medication (if she isn’t already medicated), before more lives are lost at the hands of her incompetence.”
  • Finally, the AFA’s Abe Hamilton says that Black Lives Matter is “bent on what I would term a form of domestic terrorism.”