Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 8/10/15

  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Mike Huckabee, and others will be speaking at one of David Lane’s upcoming

    “Renewal Project” events in Texas later this month.

  • CBN’s David

    Brody says that “Fox News should be utterly ashamed. Donald Trump should sue the network for harassment.”

  • Phyllis Schlafly says

    that “Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion in favor of gay marriage is an affront to God, the Constitution, and the

    American people.”

  • Phil Burress warns that gay rights activists are “persecuting anyone who disagrees

    with them, [they] want to put people in jail who do not bow at the knees of the homosexual agenda” and that Ohio Gov. John

    Kasich “is in that camp.”

  • Bryan Fischer had a rather interesting choice of guest on his radio program today.
  • Don Feder says that “thanks to Obama and his party opening the floodgates to Muslim

    ‘refugees,’ Sharia law is coming to America.”

  • Finally, Gordon Klingenschmitt says that Planned Parenthood is possessed by the “demonic spirit of murder,” but we see “the spirit of God in these prophets” who are making the anti-Planned Parenthood videos.