Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 7/10/14

  • Todd Starnes says that “under this administration, the government believes they are church and

    President Obama is the deity.”

  • Bryan Fischer says that Ann Coulter is “the Manchurian Columnist.”
  • Laurie Higgins argues that if

    opposition to homosexuality is akin to racism “then cultural disapproval of polyamory, zoophilia, and scores of other

    paraphilias is wrong and akin to racism.”

  • The Lord says, “I am already invading Hollywood far beyond

    what you can imagine.”

  • Matt Barber asserts that the fact that support for ENDA is

    dropping over religious exemptions is proof “that what this is really all about is criminalizing Christianity and doing

    away with freedom of religion.”

  • Finally, Scott Lively is running for governor in

    Massachusetts and his transportation plan is exactly as crazy as you’d expect:

    “Overcrowding in Mass. cities is a direct consequence of the globalist United Nations Agenda 21 project, which has been

    using land use policies and financial incentives to push humans out of the rural areas into the cities since 1992.

    Massachusetts has bought into Agenda 21 in a major way, though most citizens have never heard of it. I would reverse the

    Agenda 21 process and work to restore the model of environmentally-conscious self-sufficient agrarian farm-communities which

    New England was once known for, and which offer a substantially better and healthier way of life. This would alleviate the

    stress of overcrowding in the cities and restore struggling rural economies at the same time.”