Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 6/27/14

  • The chairman of the Colorado Republican Party wants to make it

    clear that “Gordon [Klingenschmitt] does not speak on behalf of the Republican Party. To suggest otherwise is

    inaccurate and dishonest.”

  • Matt Barber defends

    Uganda’s right to pass draconian anti-gay laws and attacks Vice President Joe Biden for daring to criticize them.

  • The RNC has launched GOPFaith.com in an effort to woo

    evangelicals ahead of the election.

  • What is happening to this country when Republican officials can’t even joke about the killing a possible

    presidential candidate any more? It’s fascism, I tell ya!

  • Finally, Laurie Higgins insists that opposition to interracial marriage is nothing

    like opposition to gay marriage: “When Christians used Scripture to oppose interracial marriage, they were twisting

    Scripture rather than adhering to scriptural truth. When Christians use Scripture to support same-sex ‘marriage,’

    they are twisting Scripture rather than adhering to scriptural truth.”