Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 6/22/15

  • ALIPAC’s William Gheen is sick and tired of hearing about “white

    privilege”: “[Y]our attempts to characterize all whites as bad or evil is the same kind of defamation that has

    historically been applied to all blacks and all Jews by those that wished them harm.”

  • Chuck Norris

    says that “if Obama

    really wants to reduce firearm power, he should consider stepping out of office, because his presidency has increased gun sales more

    than any other.”

  • OneMillionMoms is furious about a Chobani yogurt ad featuring a lesbian couple: “They’re pushing the envelope

    here by glorifying sexual perversion.”

  • Liberty Institute needs donations because “2015 has been the most dangerous year for

    religious freedom since America won her independence.”

  • Bill Muehlenberg welcomes us “to the Brave New World of the

    homosexual Stazi. [sic]”

  • Finally, Rachel Alexander says that President Obama is partially to blame for the racist massacre in Charleston: “Obama could have

    used the opportunity of becoming the first black president to heal race relations, moving us toward a colorblind society. Racism can

    no longer be as bad if Americans elect a black president. Instead, Obama has used his bully pulpit to exacerbate racial tensions,

    quick to find racism against blacks and quick to attack white police officers. He stirs up race relations deliberately to gain

    Democratic support. As a result, 84 percent of Americans say race relations have worsened or stayed the same since Obama has been in