Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 6/13/17

  • Erich Pratt brags that “one of the biggest victories that Gun Owners of America got in recent years was the fact that no gun control passed after the Sandy Hook tragedy.”
  • ProEnglish on the prospect of statehood for Puerto Rico: “At a minimum, we believe a large majority must become fluent in English for statehood to be even considered.”
  • Mike Pence will speak at Focus on the Family’s 40th anniversary celebration.
  • The Family Research Council calls on President Trump to “take a wrecking ball to the LGBT distractions of his predecessor and turn the page on policies that offend more people than they ‘honor.'”
  • Finally, David Barton says that “weather patterns are often predicated on whether the people doing the right thing or the wrong thing. And if people sin against God, then you get floods, and you get storms, you get lightning, you get all your crops get destroyed, you get all sorts of things.”