Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/21/15

  • Dave Daubenmire credits his prayer campaign for

    the dismissal of the latest case against

    creationist Kent Hovind.

  • The Kansas House voted to expand Kris Kobach’s power to prosecute voter fraud cases.
  • Alex McFarland is alarmed by polls showing that Americans would rather have a gay president than an

    evangelical one: “So what the American people are essentially saying is ‘we want a president who doesn’t believe in

    moral boundaries. We would rather have a president that was ethically amoral rather than dependent on the God of our founding


  • Glenn Beck dedicated his entire radio program today debating the issue of marijuana legalization.
  • Congratulations to Carol Paul, wife of Ron

    Paul, for being named the Eagle Forum’s “2015 Full-

    Time Homemaker Of The Year.”

  • Finally, Mat Staver says that “President Obama must hate

    America because his hostility towards Israel will bring a curse on our country … President Obama is playing with fire and he is

    dragging every American citizen with him into the pit of Hell.”