Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/20/15

  • Stuart Shepard explains

    that Christianity is the guardrail that keeps society from driving into the ditch and that “if everybody drove according

    to Christian principles, we wouldn’t need guardrails.”

  • James Robison’s new

    website is desperately needed today because “the prince of

    the power of the air and, in too many instances, also the power of the air waves, has drowned out wisdom’s voice,

    ignored it, or misrepresented it.”

  • Scott Walker was granted a meeting with Donald Trump


  • Laurie Roth says that “Obama has made it most clear whose side he is on

    and it isn’t America, God or freedom.”

  • Grover Norquist calls Frank Gaffney’s allegations that he is a secret Islamist “lies, crap, and garbage.”
  • Finally, Paul Hair warns that President Obama is meeting with Muslim leaders in order to coordinate attacks on