Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/8/16

  • Alex Jones has put together a helpful list of all the places that supposedly produce “fake news,” unlike InfoWars, which is very reliable.
  • Gun Owner of America is alarmed by reports that David Petraeus is under consideration for secretary of state: “David Petraeus is co-founder of Veterans for Common Sense to create this impression that veterans and military people think that there should be no Second Amendment rights in America – and that’s a particularly insidious notion.”
  • Michael Snyder is worried because “at one time it was estimated that there were 3 million preppers in the United States, but in late 2016, interest in prepping has hit a multi-year low. The big reason for this, of course, is that the election of Donald Trump has fueled a tremendous wave of optimism among those who consider themselves conservatives, patriots and evangelical Christians.”
  • Alveda King and others are tackling the tough issues: “As Christians let us reject the trend to substitute ‘Happy Holidays’ for ‘Merry Christmas.'”
  • One Million Moms finds its latest target: Highlights Magazine.
  • Finally, Janet Porter says that Liberty Counsel has agreed to defend her “heartbeat bill” if it gets challenged in court.