Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/23/17

  • Victoria Jackson is positively thrilled that there is now “a capitalist living in the White House.”
  • Larry Klayman is likewise elated: “With the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as president, a dark cloud has been lifted that had hung over Washington during the Obama years. There is a renewed happiness and vision – and while it is rainy, in my heart the sun is shining. My sentiments remind me of that that day on Aug. 25, 1944, when another beautiful great city, Paris, was liberated from the Nazis.”
  • Bill Donohue has some thoughts on the Women’s March on Washington: “It is a protest against the American people who voted for Donald Trump. In short, it is a protest against democracy.”
  • The folks at PFOX are “hopeful that the new administration will be open to hearing the accounts of people who have been systematically denied acknowledgement of their existence – ex-gays and ex-transgenders.”
  • Frank Gaffney has high hopes for President Trump: “It remains to be seen, of course, what will come next – especially given the determination of Mr. Obama actively to oppose his successor. But Mr. Trump’s record of accomplishing big things, his palpable love of this nation and his commitment to make it great again holds out the prospect of a much-needed course-correction and inspiring renewal. Let’s roll.”
  • Finally, Scott Lively is asking Trump “to establish a ‘Separation of LGBT and State’ to take the government’s pro-‘gay’ thumb off the scale and give the American faith community a fighting chance to restore the natural family to it’s rightful place as the heart and foundation of our society.”