Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/28/16

  • WorldNetDaily wants Donald Trump to “defund” and “deport” the United Nations.
  • “Anti-Semitism has infested the Obama White House,” according to Todd Starnes.
  • Fox News pundits wonder if it is time to end the food stamp program because 0.09 percent of spending was found to be fraudulent.
  • Leo Hohmann is pretty sure that Rep. Keith Ellison’s support for LGBT equality and abortion rights is merely a “smokescreen” for his goal of imposing Islamic law.
  • Concerned Women for America defends its support for North Carolina’s HB2 by explaining that while they have been “falsely labeled as hateful by some, Evangelical Christians actually care for those who are confused about their identity.”
  • And finally, no, a former Secret Service agent didn’t write a book claiming President Obama is a gay Muslim.