Right-Wing Author Says Obama, Not Trump, Is A Narcissist And Pathological Liar

On the most recent episode of his “USA Survival” program, Cliff Kincaid addressed the pressing question “Was Our Stoner President Mentally Impaired?” with right-wing author J.D. Mitschke. While Kincaid blasted the media for never investigating reports that Barack Obama “was a major league stoner” and “a heavy dope smoker” in his youth, Mitschke declared that it is Obama who is a narcissist and a pathological liar, not President Trump.

Mitschke, author of “Modern-Day Liberalism: Exploring the Psychological Foundations of the Disorder,” asserted that Obama is “a messianic narcissist” whereas Trump simply “loves our country.”

“He’s a non-smoker, non-drinker,” Mitschke said of Trump. “He’s a hard-working guy. Stories abound of how his employees, they really love him.”

By contrast, Obama has “a pathology of lying,” Mitschke claimed. “The litany goes on and on and on.”

“So truly, if one is just looking on the surface to determine will the real narcissist please stand up, I mean, no doubt it’s Barack Hussein Obama,” he said.