Right-Wing Activists Explain How Daycare, Public Schools And Gay Rights Are Destroying Society

Jeffrey Kuhner of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Revival and the Washington Times joined Janet Mefferd yesterday to “analyze” what he called the progressive movement’s plot to “smash the family” and completely destroy society. How? Through legal abortion, birth control, daycare, public schools, and equal rights for gays and lesbians, of course:

Kuhner: Whoever controls the family controls society. This is why the Left has wanted to smash the family, take children out of the home, have them in daycare, have them go to the state especially public-run schools as soon as possible, in other words let the state inculcate and indoctrinate the children, and slowly break the bonds between children and their parents. This is why parental authority is being assaulted, this is why they’re promoting abortion, this is why they’re promoting birth control and condom use in the schools, because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to slowly corrupt our children and take them away from their primary care givers which are their parents.

Mefferd: And redefine the family.

Kuhner: And completely redefine the family and you’re seeing that in gay marriage

Mefferd: You are redefining it for the purpose of ultimately, I think, getting rid of it.

Kuhner recently wrote in the Washington Times that “abortion clinics are the Gulag Archipelago of the modern left – a vast system of death camps underpinning the liberal regime’s secular hedonism,” and part of the larger “culture of death”:

Mr. Obama is rapidly advancing the culture of death – abortion, contraception and homosexual marriage. These are not “boutique” or “fringe” issues, as the mainstream media likes to portray the obsessive concerns of the religious right or hard-core Christian evangelicals. Rather, they involve the most seminal issue of all: whether America survives as a Judeo-Christian nation. Without a common moral code and Christian heritage, our nation will splinter into Balkanized factions. There would be no social glue to hold us together any longer. Since the 1960s, America’s cultural disintegration has accelerated. We have become more secular, more perverse and ultimately, more decadent.