Right Says It’s Not Fair to Appeal to Fairness

According to Agape Press, the Palmetto Family Council – a self-proclaimed “p.r. firm for the family” in South Carolina that is associated with both Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council – is complaining that opponents of the state’s proposed marriage amendment are attempting to confuse voters with the slogan “Vote No — Fairness for All Families — on Amendment 1.”

According to Marie Connelly, a PFC spokeswoman

“[A] lot of the citizens who do not support gay marriage may be confused about how to vote on this amendment.” The result, she says, is that some voters may vote against the amendment because they have been led to believe a vote for the amendment is a vote for homosexual marriage.

“Fairness for All Families” is a perfectly legitimate and appropriate slogan, but apparently the PFC thinks an appeal to fairness is … well … unfair.  

Perhaps those who favor fairness and oppose the Palmetto Family Council’s right-wing agenda should have simply allowed PFC to write their slogan for them so as to avoid any possible confusion: “Vote No on Amendment 1 – So That Immoral Homosexuals Can Recruit Your Children and Destroy Society.”  

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