Rick Wiles Warns That ‘World War III Is Coming’ And ‘Your Blood Will Not Be On My Hands’

End Times radio host Rick Wiles had been a vocal supporter of President Trump, believing that God has raised him up to save America and prevent the nation from becoming embroiled in a global conflict. But in the wake of U.S. airstrikes on Syria last week, Wiles has now completely turned on Trump, claiming that the president has been co-opted by the “deep state” and can no longer be trusted.

Wiles’ sudden about-face is not sitting well with some members of his “Trunews” audience and he responded by lashing out at them on his radio program yesterday, warning that “World War III is coming.”

“Put that in your pipe and smoke it, America,” he said. “You like bombing countries. It’s America First. We’re feeling big and bad right now. We’ve got a president who will bomb people based on Facebook postings and his daughter’s whispers. Well, what if [Vladimir] Putin’s daughter tells him to bomb America because she saw something on Facebook? You’re gonna get it. The Bible says you’re gonna get it and it’s going to come to you in good measure.”

“God is not deceived, He is not mocked, for whatsoever a nation bombeth, that shall they also reap,” Wiles declared. “You sow blood, guts and war, you’re going to reap it, baby.”

The U.S should mind its own business and stop fighting Israel’s wars, Wiles said, because otherwise “the sword is coming.”

“You accuse me of selling out, you accuse me of being a coward, you accuse me of turning and running,” he said. “You’re a liar! I’ve been here for 19 years and I’m telling you World War III is coming, the sword is coming to America. Repent, America! And you people in the churches, you think you’re saved? You’re not saved!”

“Turn from your wickedness and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or you will die in your iniquity,” Wiles warned, “but you blood will not be on my hands.”

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