Rick Wiles: London Terrorist Attack Was ‘Orchestrated To Draw Attention Away From Congressman Nunes’

End Times radio host and crackpot conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles speculated on his “Trunews” program yesterday that the terrorist attack in London was orchestrated to distract Americans from Republican Rep. Devin Nunes’ statement that some communications involving members of Trump’s transition team had been “incidentally collected” during legal U.S. government surveillance of foreign targets.

Falsely insisting that the information provided by Nunes had “vindicated” President Trump’s claims that he had been “wiretapped” by former president Barack Obama, Wiles stated that Obama is currently hiding out on a Polynesian island in order to avoid arrest.

“Might this explain why Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obama, is hiding on a Polynesian island by himself?” Wiles asked. “His husband, Michael, is not with him. He’s there by himself … and reportedly he’s going to be there for at least a month by himself. Is Obama hiding from arrest? Is the Department of Justice planning to arrest Barack Obama for sedition, for illegal spying on the president-elect? Is he a fugitive from justice?”

“This is a sinister theory, but don’t rule out the possibility that the tragedy in London today was not orchestrated to draw attention away from Congressman Nunes,” Wiles continued. “If you think about the timing of what happened in London, at the Parliament building, this has captured the headlines around the world. Nobody is talking about the intelligence agencies spying on the president of the United States.”