Rick Wiles Doubles Down: Tom Brady Is Sleeping With the Equivalent of a ‘Serial Murderer’

Earlier this week, we posted a clip of End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles declaring that Tom Brady is “sleeping with a witch” after the New England Patriots quarterback revealed that his wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, has him participate in various pre-game rituals that she designs.

The clip generated some press in the Boston media and resulted in Wiles being interviewed on WEEI’s “The Mut & Callahan Show” about his claim yesterday. Wiles, who was not happy with the interview and is threatening to sue the station for calling him a “certified lunatic,” spent most of last night’s “TruNews” program defending his contention that Brady’s “soul is defiled” because of his relationship with Bundchen, likening it to being married to a serial killer.

“There is a spiritual dimension to this because whoever you have sexual relations with, you’re having a communion,” Wiles said. “They not only come together physically, they come together spiritually and so that is why I said this is a really serious problem because Tom Brady is married to a woman who is practicing witchcraft.”

Wiles then read from Revelation 21 to note that God equates those who practice witchcraft with murderers.

“Would you sleep and have sexual relations with a murderer?” Wiles asked. “Would you crawl into bed with your spouse who whispers in your ear, ‘I am a serial murderer’? How fast would you get out of bed?”

“When your spouse whispers, ‘I’m a witch,’ you better run just as fast,” he concluded.