Rick Wiles: A Shadow Government Goon Squad Is Beating Up Politicians

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles kicked off his “TruNews” radio program yesterday by asserting that reports that members of the Capitol Police Containment and Emergency Response Team initially responded to the wrong location during the attack on a GOP congressional baseball practice earlier this year is evidence that the “dark state” is attempting to carry out a coup against President Trump.

Wiles insisted that this incident was not simply a mistake but was rather deliberately done in order to “give the gunman more time” to kill as many Republican members of Congress as possible, meaning that members of Congress now “have to be looking over your shoulder all the time, you’ve got to be sleeping with one eye open wondering if there is a death squad in your own country.”

Eventually, Wiles tied this to the recent surgery undergone by Sen. John McCain and the resulting scar over his eye, speculating that there is some squad of “deep state” goons who are going around and beating up government leaders.

“What I do recall, through the years, is how many national politicians have had injuries that, to me, were suspicious,” Wiles said, noting that many of these leaders bore scars that were similar to McCain’s.

Wiles noted that George W. Bush once was injured after supposedly choking on a pretzel, while Dick Cheney had “a busted lip” and Colin Powell “had a broken arm or a broken leg.” On top of that, Wiles recalled that Barack Obama was once supposedly elbowed in the mouth while playing basketball and required stitches, that Harry Reid injured his eye while exercising, and that John Kerry once broke his leg in a cycling accident.

“Maybe all of these are coincidences, or maybe they’re not,” Wiles said. “Maybe there is a shadow government that roughs up the politicians when they don’t do all the dirty, evil things that they want done.”