Rick Wiles: A Foreign Army Will Invade America If We Don’t Shut Down Planned Parenthood

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles claims that he was told by God many years ago that he would one day have a national television program and that when that day came, it would be a sign that the end of America was at hand.

Last week, Wiles finally began broadcasting his national television program and he has used every episode to preach an urgent message of repentance to the nation, warning last night that if America doesn’t shut down Planned Parenthood and outlaw pornography, we will be invaded and conquered by a foreign army.

Wiles said that when a nation turns from God and goes into “wickedness, idolatry, sorcery, lewdness and murder,” then God “will bring in a foreign nation to drive them out of the land that they possess.” Wiles warned that this is exactly what is about to happen to America.

“This country has turned from the Lord and He has raised us up to tell the American people [to repent],” Wiles said. “If we do not repent, He is going to send in a foreign nation to conquer us … The Lord keeps telling me to look into the camera and tell the American people, ‘Your time is running out, you must repent now.’ Foreign nations are preparing their armies to invade the United States of America. The only way to stop it is mass repentance in America and mass repentance means you will shut down the Planned Parenthood baby butcher shops, you will shut down the pornography, you will turn from your wicked ways. It’s not a suggestion, it is a commandment and God is sounding the alarm to the American people, saying, ‘Repent, repent, repent, your time is almost over.”

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