Rick Scarborough Preaches to the Choir at the How To Take Back America Conference

For weeks we have been covering the run-up to the How To Take Back America Conference, writing about the fringe Religious Right activists who are hosting it and the Republican leaders like Mike Huckabee and Michele Bachmann who will be addressing it, asking just how radical one has to be before they find themselves shunned by the GOP.

Earlier this week, we released a report on the organizers and participants which chronicled the various right-wing conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric they have spewed over the years and, given that their long records of firey fringe activism are well-known, nobody can feign surprise when these activists got up to the podium and spewed those same rabidly fringe views at the conference.

Case in point: Rick Scarborugh of Vision America.

Scarborough, who served on Mike Huckabee’s Faith and Values Committee during the latter’s presidential campaign, unleashed a fiery sermon more befitting a Sunday sermon than a political gathering. But since the two are essentially one in the same for Scarborough and the other participants, his proclamations that he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat but rather a “Christocrat” who will support only candidates who proudly stand up on the campaign trail and say “yes, there’s a God” and who realizes that the Constitution is a godly document designed to guide this nation by Christian principles, just as the Bible is designed to guide the lives of all of mankind. He then rails against Republican failures to defund the Department of Education and Planned Parenthood before turning his attention to President Obama and “his minions” who are intent on giving civil rights to “sodomites” while banning the Bible and putting Christians in jail. Eventually he turns to the “shadow government” constructed by President Obama filled with “well-financed, well-heeled, and highly-staffed professional infidels who have dedicated their life” to destroying America.