Rick Scarborough: Only Trump Can Prevent ‘The Final Destruction Of Our Culture And Of Our Freedoms’

Rick Scarborough, a Texas pastor and head of Vision America, spoke with Ohio pastors today in a call organized by Citizens for Community Values, urging them to stand up and support Donald Trump because, if Hillary Clinton is elected president, there will be “no freedom” by the end of her term and the country will be closer to witnessing the “final destruction of our culture and of our freedoms.”

Scarborough, echoing a line that a few other Religious Right figures have used, compared Christians in America siding with Trump to defeat Clinton to Churchill and Roosevelt siding with Stalin to defeat Hitler. “Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill struck an alliance to defeat a grave enemy,” he said, which is a historical analogy that has “has accurate application” to “the culture wars we’re fighting right now and to the state of our country.”

Scarborough said that while “in no way can you compare Donald Trump to Stalin,” America is similarly facing a threat from legal abortion and marriage equality and might not survive four to eight years of a Clinton presidency.

“You look over the last seven and three-quarters years and see how far this country has descended into the abyss,” he said, “and just project four to eight more years on that trajectory and there is no freedom, there is no opportunity for you and I to preach the gospel without restraint. We’re rapidly approaching the final destruction of our culture and of our freedoms.”

He urged pastors not to “sit on the sidelines” because, in his lifetime, “no election until the present time has had greater ramifications than this one.”

Scarborough added that he doesn’t “have any difficulty choosing to vote for Donald Trump,” noting that the candidate has had “men like Tony Perkins and others are speaking truth in his life” while on the campaign trail and that there has been a change in his demeanor over the last month.

“We won’t survive four more years like we’ve lived in the last eight,” he said.